SQuape Reloaded Atomizer

Image of SQuape Reloaded Atomizer


The SQuape was developed with the intention to make it a most ideal and manageable atomizer. As a reliable
everyday product it’s for the ease of expert vapers as well as for rebuildable atomizer newbies. In addition the
developers wanted to make the product most cost effective for the optimum in comfort and everyday usage.
The SQuape is made from stainless steel, rebuildable atomizer, 100% produced in Switzerland. Along with an
appealing look the atomizer is especially convincing by its high functionality. The device allows for easy doing
the wick, it is short circuit safe; this is due to the spellbound electrical impulses. (The device is coated with the
ematal coating and an aluminium surface finish*). Short circuit messages are a thing of the past since the
intelligent battery carrier. The SQuape will be sent in fully constructed usable condition, additionally these
replacement items will be included: spare screws, o-rings, one hexagon wrench as well as a specifically to the
SQuape engineered Drip Tip.